The goal is to understand fighter's turning, ascent, descent, and rotation and to return to the starting point in a short time while completing the course in air racing on Dokdo, an island of Korea. This mission allows you to experience the movement of the fighter before engaging in the future battle.
The Extra 3300 is a German propeller aircraft. Modified to use high lift wings designed specifically for air races. The aircraft is used in various situations such as air show, flight training, and more.
The conflict was triggered when Pakistan was divided into East and West Pakistan between India. East Pakistan and West Pakistan share the same religion, but they are quite far apart in terms of distance, and they are quite heterogeneous in race, culture, language, and economy.

Due to the imbalance of the government policy, West Pakistanis occupied the main positions of the government and dominated the economy. Thus, West Pakistan, which became a much better place to live, considered far-off East Pakistan as a colony; people of East Pakistan, with a much larger population, began to voice their calls for reducing the role of the central government and greatly increasing the authority of local governments.

Soon after, the East Pakistani ruling postponed the opening of the parliament indefinitely, trampled on demands for democratization, declared martial law, and sought out and punished anti-government activists who made such claims. Pakistani forces searched for Hindus living in East Pakistan, purged them, and committed all sorts of vicious atrocities, including rape and slaughter, against innocent people.

As a result, the people of East Pakistan organized guerrillas to fight, and civil war broke out. In the process, there was a large number of refugees, crossing the borders of India, and another conflict with India. Meanwhile, India, which was suffering from refugees, appealed to the international community for assistance in resolving the refugee issue, and in the process, it informed the world of the inhumanity of the Pakistani government. India not only protected refugees and guerrillas in East Pakistan but also sent them back to Pakistan to engage in guerrilla activities against the Pakistani government. From India's standpoint, Pakistan's civil war was not too bad. Pakistan, couldn't sit still in India's actions, eventually went to war.

Argentina's new regime, which came to power with a strong military, needed to gain public support. They needed a catalyst to gain support from the people.What the new ruler thought was to regain control of the island of 'Islas Malvinas', about 700 kilometers east of the area called Rio Gallegos.

The island was dominated by European powers for many years.
After the first discovery by Britain, France took over, and later Spain, which occupied Argentina, became the owner of the island. However, when Spain left Argentina and Argentina became independent, the island under Spanish control was also taken over by Argentina. After this, Argentina sent a German merchant to the island to set up a base, but they engaged in illegal fishing boat capture and piracy, so the U.S. sent a ship to destroy the pirate base. However, the pirates were not completely wiped out, and the British sent warships in the name of ensuring the security of the surrounding waters and occupied the island with military force, and the pirates were wiped out.

fter eradicating the pirates, Britain sent its nationals to the island to settle. Therefore, Argentina claimed that they had inherited the dominance of the island when they became independent from Spain, and rather claimed that the British had taken the island by force. On the other hand, Britain ignored Argentina's demands, claiming that the people of Britain have settled and are in effective control for a long time.

Eventually, the British and Argentina were unable to reach a political compromise, and an armed conflict broke out as Argentine troops landed on the island and captured British troops stationed there.

As the Lebanese Christian leader ‘Jumblatt’ was assassinated by Islamic forces, a serious armed conflict between the Christian and Islamic forces broke out, leading to a civil war. Taking advantage of this situation, Palestinian refugees who were persecuted in Israel began to flow in, a refugee camp was created,
and those who settled there formed an armed group called the Palestinian Liberation Front (PLO) to engage in guerrilla activities in Israel. Meanwhile, with the advent of the PLO, the rise of Islamic forces in Lebanon made the civil war even more confusing and the war situation continued to change. In the end, Syria, which maintained the balance so that the forces in Lebanon do not turn to one side, sent troops to Lebanon under the name of "Peacekeeping Forces".

As Syria's involvement in the Lebanese civil war following the PLO's guerrilla against Israel was decided, Israel made a decision.
Israel decided to oust the PLO in Lebanon, overpower Syria, set up a massive operation to put Lebanon under their influence,
and advance to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.
Israel's ground forces decided to take control of the highway connecting Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, and Damascus, the capital of Syria, through the Bekka Valley, as the possibility of reinforcement of Syria's ground forces through this highway was very high.

Syria also needed to defend the highway in order to smoothly move large ground forces to Lebanon, and to do so,
it had to be able to effectively prevent the advancing Israeli ground forces. To counter Israel's large-scale armored forces, Syria deployed its armed forces including a huge number of Airborne Assaults in the Bekka Valley, Israel planned airborne bombing attacks to win the war, but Syria knew that Israel was very vulnerable to surface-to-air missiles in the previous Middle East War, so deployed large-scale surface-to-air missile troops to protect Syrian ground forces.

The end of the Cold War era brought a very positive effect around the world, but in some areas, nationalist riots and quarrels between religious leaders of different sects began to take place, and the local Cold War continued to occur. The relationship between Georgia and South Ossetia, like other countries in the conflict zone, was in a heightened crisis.

The regime, which came to power through the revolution, succeeded in obtaining large amounts of military aid from the United States and even reached an agreement with the European Union to make Georgia join NATO. After that, the independence voters won overwhelming victory in the South Ossetian autonomy vote, but the Georgian government did not approve it, but rather criticized it as a “Russian compulsory conspiracy”, creating military tension.

Two years later, Georgia eventually declared a surprise invasion of South Ossetia, taking advantage of the ‘World Peace Festival in Asia’.

Be a pilot for the Paris Air Show and show your audience the flight skill acquired through combat. Bring joy to the audience by performing your own flights.